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Welcome to The Breeze! You are about to begin work that is important to the JMU community and that helps you improve your media skills. We hope your time at The Breeze is educational and productive.

All volunteers working for The Breeze need to read the policies below and fill out the volunteer registration form.

To assist in carrying out its mission to the JMU community, The Breeze has a long-standing tradition of accepting volunteer work from student contributors. In compliance with the Government Volunteer's Act, this information is intended to ensure that volunteers understand their duties and responsibilities, and their relationship to The Breeze.


There are a variety of volunteer positions available at The Breeze, which accepts regular-service volunteers (those with ongoing activities) and occasional-service volunteers (those performing a one-time or occasional service). Volunteers perform these services at their own free will, without any financial gain. Information about current positions is available from the Editor.


As defined, volunteers are exempt from all provisions of law regarding state employment, hours of work, rate of compensation, leave time and employee benefits except those specifically provided by state law. Volunteers may receive the same benefits as any paid staff member in regard to temporary lodging or food while on assignment, transportation, and coverage under The Breeze libel insurance policy.

There are many benefits to working for The Breeze. Volunteers gain additional skills, knowledge and abilities that should help in applying for positions as interns or paid workers in a variety of communications-related fields. Volunteers may participate in workshops and other training opportunities offered by The Breeze.


The Breeze maintains first rights of publication on any material assigned to a volunteer or staff members, unless both parties have agreed on other specific arrangements. Stories, photography, videography and other content produced for The Breeze is assigned ownership to The Breeze unless specified in writing between the content creator and the Editor.

Volunteers must comply with all Breeze policies. If there are questions, volunteers should discuss those with the Editor.

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