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Samantha Linczyc


I am a SMAD Journalism major with a Music Industry minor from Short Hills, New Jersey. I love photography and working for The Breeze.

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Short Hills, NJ

Nikki Oppenheimer smiles with her teammates. 

Jackie Benitez laughs while playing with the streamers. 

Kamiah Smalls hugs her coach after the end of her last game. 

JMU women's basketball seniors hug at the end of the game. 

Eleanore Marciszewski cheers after her win. 

Kamiah Smalls catches streamers that JMU fans threw on the court. 

Kiki Jefferson goes for a basket. 

Lexie Barrier takes the ball down the court. 

Lexie Barrier shoots. 

Lexie Barrier fights for possession of the ball. 

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