Christine Brady

Photo Editor

Justin Amadi reacts to a failed attempt to regain the ball back from UVA.

The sold out arena flooded the court as time expired and fans tried to soak in the victory. 

JMU players are swarmed by fans in celebration after defeating U.Va. for the first time in program history. JMU won the game 52-49.  

Vado Morse attempts to dribble past an opponent. 

Charles Falden is pulled up after falling while driving through the paint. 

Charles Falden looks up to shoot the ball. 

Terrell Strickland drives to the base line against U.Va. 

Terrell Strickland tips the ball into the net. 

Falden jumps toward the basket as a U.Va. defender tries to block him. 

Vado Morse lunges toward the basket, surrounded by defenders. 

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