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JMU has paused some of its sports following positive coronavirus cases. 

JMU Athletics announced it would pause conditioning and workout activities in multiple sport programs on Monday following an increase in positive coronavirus cases in the athletics department.

According to a release from JMU Athletics, since August 20 there were 439 tests administered which resulted in 24 positive results, with 14 symptomatic and 10 asymptomatic. There are also 12 presumed positive cases, bringing the total to 36.

JMU Athletics announced Thursday that football activities were paused due to five COVID-19 cases, and that 25 additional individuals were quarantined as a result; four were asymptomatic and one was symptomatic presumed positive. Football activities aren’t scheduled to resume until Sep. 7 at the earliest. 

It also announced that there was one case not football-related that tested positive but was asymptomatic. 

All athletic competition in the fall was suspended on Aug. 10, while football’s season was suspended on Aug. 7. Now, with all athletic activity at a standstill, both fall and winter sports are on pause. 

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