Jimmy Moreland

Jimmy Moreland has impressed players, coaches and fans at the Redskins' training camp. 

Former JMU football cornerback Jimmy Moreland has been making a name for himself in Washington, proving to be a possible steal of the draft.

Moreland proved himself at JMU by becoming the all-time interception leader in program history, CAA Defensive Player of the Year and the first person in JMU football history to be invited to the Reese's Senior Bowl. Though scouts still had their doubtsabout him, saying he was too small and would be pushed around on the field, the Washington Redskins saw talent they could not pass up.

The Redskins decided to take Moreland in the seventh round of the 2019 NFL Draft with the 227th pick, and he’s ready to prove his doubters wrong.

People’s eyes shifted to Moreland when coaches and media in Washington saw blocked passes or interceptions from Moreland during rookie mini-camp, mandatory mini-camp and Offseason Training Activities. One day during OTA’s, Moreland had an unforgettable performance. He caught three interceptions, including two from the first-round draft pick quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Moreland’s showing that day brought immediate attention to him. Haskins, who had a booming 4,831 yards with 50 touchdowns last year at Ohio State, statedit was “aggravating” that Moreland was picking him off.

Still, others had their doubts about Moreland, saying that during OTA’s they’re in t-shirts and shorts and that he will get pushed around when the pads come on at training camp. Once again he proved his doubters wrong. In the most recent training camp session he picked off Case Keenum high off the ground and got another one from Haskins.

“Yeah, he’s a fun guy to watch,” head coach Jay Gruden said at his press conference. “He’s always around the ball, excellent ball skills. That’s what drew us to him, and he’s proven to be quite the athlete.”

Gruden would sometimes make comments about watching out for Moreland because he’s making a play on the ball. Greg Manusky, the Redskins’ defensive coordinator, also had good words to say about Moreland and mentioned how he’s never seen a player have three picks in one practice. Moreland even impressed the Redskins No. 1 cornerback, Josh Norman, with his on-field showing.

Moreland is someone who shows up when work needs to be done. He’s not worried about those who are doubting, rather he’ll just show his talent on the field. He’s caught the eye of many coaches, players and sports media in Washington, who say he’s going to be dangerous on the field and how he might not just make the team, but get a starting job. The Washington Redskins are underway at training camp in Richmond, and many in Washington are excited to see what else Moreland can do.

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