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There's no doubt about it — college is stressful. But it doesn't have to be. Columnist Grant Johnson compiles the best advice on relieving stress from the pandemic, school and social life from a professor, student and the Counseling Center.

Life can be stressful. Whether you're studying for an exam, having a disagreement with a friend or just struggling to keep up, science shows that positive thinking and optimism have health benefits that extend throughout all areas of life.

You may have heard of carb-loading for optimal physical performance, but there's a certain time and place to do it. In this week's "A Wealth of Health," Grant Johnson explores how to fuel up for different types of workouts — both recreational and competitive.

Hydration is important for the human body, but it also matters where and how we get it. Columnist Grant Johnson dives into the detriments of dehydration, the dos and don'ts of drinking water.

There's one thing no one can avoid in life — setbacks. To thrive throughout college and out in the real world, it's important to build resilience and gather self-reassuring techniques for when we get knocked down.