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Slowdowns in global trade and business investment crippled chipmakers in 2020 as the pandemic spread, but the industry has proved resilient. This comprehensive research report introduces the semiconductor industry and breaks down its structure, firm conduct, performance and trends to watch going forward.


Despite the shortcomings the United States has, Americans should recognize their liberties and acknowledge the fact that their country acts as…

While the World Health Organization might need some improvements, withdrawing from it completely will only make things worse.

With a global pandemic and social justice issues in America, it's easy to forget about human rights violations abroad. China's new national security law may cripple Hong Kong's economy and powerful banking sector, which could create a ripple effect worldwide.

What's worse than a global pandemic? Geopolitical unrest, a global recession and human rights violations in addition to a global pandemic. Here's insight into whether the U.S., Europe or China will emerge stronger from the pandemic.