After eight years of the Obama administration, certain habits have ingrained themselves into media reporting tactics. Among the growing pains of any new administration is the shift in how each network must spin new laws, press briefings and kitchen appliance surveillance stories to their audience’s benefit.

This issue became apparent on Monday, March 21, when full-time Fox News pundit and part-time journalist Spencer Nelson interrupted his own 24-hour coverage of the White House Twitter feed.

“What are these liberals complaining about?” Nelson said into the camera after retweeting on-air in hopes of gaining President Donald Trump as a follower. “If anything, the new regulation allowing coal mines to dump directly into streams increases market efficiency. We’re cutting out the hill, the middle man the coal waste has to slide down first.”

Nelson pointed to a graphic that showed the reduced distances coal mines had to keep from waterways with a green check mark beside it.

“Yes,” he continued. “I think this proves that the administration is doing a good-”

Nelson’s throat appeared to catch, at which point he attempted his sentence again: “The administration is … is ... socializing our water supply!”

With wide eyes, Nelson reached for his water bottle, but the Obama talking points didn’t stop.

“Establishing death panels,” he shouted, though his hands covered his mouth. “Destroying our military! Imperializing middle America!”

At this point, two men in suits appeared, their faces cut out by the camera frame. Nelson’s shouting could still be heard through his microphone as they escorted him toward a door labeled “Human Resources.”

Live footage of The Nelson Connection was then replaced by footage of an American flag waving to the national anthem, after which Sean Hannity took over to inform us which Sean Spicer face best matches your weekend drinking story.

Nelson’s Twitter account has since been deleted.

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