Spotify is the best music streaming app, especially for college students.

The era of manually downloading music has come to an end. Music streaming services have made listening to music an easy and personal experience. 

However, some come with a price, and some streaming services are better than others when it comes to what features they may offer to their listeners. Spotify is among one of the most popular music streaming services that offers the best features for its price.

Spotify’s biggest competitors are Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud and Amazon. Amid these services, Spotify comes out on top when it comes to obtaining the best music experience.

Spotify’s “Uniquely Yours” feature includes playlists tailored to individual listeners and keeps a record of listening habits throughout the years. This includes top songs for each year, songs that’ve been on repeat and songs one may not have listened to in a while that Spotify wants to reintroduce. Similar to this feature, Spotify offers daily mixes based on commonly listened to artists, and these mixes are categorized by different music genres.

Over the years, it’s become a trend for people to post their Spotify Wrapped around the holidays leading up to the new year. Spotify Wrapped summarizes the listener’s year by their most listened to artists, most played songs, new discoveries and the many hours spent on the service. Along with the many personalized playlists the service offers, Spotify Wrapped shows how the streaming service pays attention to the listener and creates a unique and enjoyable experience for each member. Spotify Wrapped has become a great way for friends and family members to compare their year through music. 

Spotify takes it further than just listening to music, though. Listeners can follow their favorite artists and be alerted when new music is released or when there are concerts near them. Spotify also allows listeners to discover new artists by analyzing the listener’s most played artists and making recommendations based off that. Besides the music it offers, Spotify is a great place to listen to podcasts, a feature that isn’t as direct on other platforms.

Students can especially benefit the most from using Spotify. Spotify offers a student plan for $4.99 a month, which includes Spotify Premium, Hulu and Showtime and can be canceled at any time. Deals like this aren’t common for students, so having deals like this one might encourage some people to go to college or help students decide to stick it out when school gets tough. 

Additionally, the platform offers a free version of the service accompanied by ads if spending the money on a music streaming service isn’t an option. Apple Music on the other hand doesn’t offer a free version to its users. Spotify is a nice on-the-go service that makes it effortless for students to listen to music in the middle of their hectic schedules. Playlists can also be made public to share with other users. 

This permits listeners to follow their friends’ accounts and playlists, allowing them to explore the music others are immersed in. From listening to podcasts to playing one of the many premade study playlists, Spotify is the most useful streaming service in the game for students. 

Spotify’s top competitors, including Apple Music, have many similar features but don’t quite meet the personal and unique touch that Spotify provides to its listeners. Spotify users will often joke that Spotify actually cares about them, and they say this for a good reason. No other streaming service comes close to the plethora of playlists and new discoveries that can be found through Spotify.

Mastan Rashid is a sophomore media arts and design major. Contact Mastan at