The U.S. can't afford to have Trump as a president any longer.

After four years of problematic policy decisions and a downright embarrassing representation of the U.S., many Americans are ready to watch the Trump train depart. Yet Trump’s approval rating is still hovering around the 40% mark, according to a poll by Gallup, which is alarmingly high this close to election day.  

Considering the unimaginable yet very real defeat of Clinton in 2016, it’s important to talk about how Trump’s proposed policies — social, environmental and otherwise — would negatively affect America should he see another term.  

In recent months, social issues have been at the forefront of American media and politics. Internationally, Trump has been criticized for lack of attention, care and devotion toward American issues like systematic racism. This point was solidified in stone during the presidential debate earlier this month when Trump refused to denounce white supremacy.

Now more than ever, social justice needs to happen. Yet a second term with Trump would only delay this plight. One example of a general social concern is demonstrated with his atrocious future immigration agenda.

If reelected, Trump’s dangerous pilot immigration policies will take full swing. For example, in 2019 Trump piloted various acts like the Humanitarian Asylum Review Process (HARP). This policy has forced migrants to wait in their home country, despite safety concerns, while their case is decided in America, according to an article from Washington Monthly. This article also predicts a crack-down on federal immigration agents working to deport documented immigrants, if Trump is reelected. 

A president unsupportive of immigrants is a direct threat to America. According to the American Immigration Council, one in seven U.S. residents is an immigrant, and as consumers, immigrants contribute over a trillion dollars to the American economy. Inevitably, these blatant attacks against immigrants will negatively impact a massive U.S. demographic and — in turn — America as a whole, if Trump sees reelection. 

Further, in a letter to pro-life leaders on the basis of not supporting abortion, Trump has vowed to fully defund Planned Parenthood if reelected. As shown on the Planned Parenthood services breakdown, abortions entail a mere 3% of all operations.

If Trump sees reelection, this service, which provides low-cost and free healthcare to communities who cannot otherwise afford it, will no longer be able to offer essential care like cancer screenings, pelvic exams and pregnancy services to varying communities. With Trump’s proposal to cut Planned Parenthood, the U.S., already heavily criticized for poor healthcare, will likely see an increase in sexual health concerns, teen pregnancy and death.

Finally, it’s no secret that environmental issues are becoming more relevant every year, but still, the Trump administration has reversed almost 70 climate change “rules” since the start of his tenure, according to the New York Times. The chief of the EPA has warned that Trump’s reelection will result in similar policy reversals. 

For one thing, a report from NYU informs that these changes may result in thousands of premature deaths due to air quality concerns. Further, America under Trump is already a laughing stock among developed nations when it comes to climate change action. Another four years will do nothing but increase the health risks of Americans, cause irreparable damage to the Earth and superimpose America as an international embarrassment.   

One article from the Atlantic predicts that with no more elections “left to fight,” the extent of damage that Trump could do is unknown because he’d have nothing left to lose in a second term. America is better than Trump. It’s time to vote him out before more irreversible damage is done. Register to vote in Virginia at this hyperlink.

Josie Haneklau is a junior political science and psychology major. Contact Josie at