Celebrities trying to relate on a level that they'll never be able to achieve is just insulting and cringe-worthy.

As coronavirus spreads rapidly throughout the U.S, many states have put stay-at-home orders into effect. These rules simply state that until a designated date, all citizens are to stay at home unless they must pick up food or medicine. This new state of isolation is a tough transition to handle for many who are used to leading active social lives. It’s hard enough for the average citizen trapped indoors with his or her family or roommates, but as quarantine has lasted for multiple weeks at this point, celebrities too have shared their struggles.

While it’s understandable that everyone has endured some sort of inconvenience or has just become flat out bored, many have pointed out that it seems inappropriate for celebrities to chime into the conversation. As students turn to Twitter to complain about not receiving sufficient tuition reimbursements or the struggles of their new online classes, celebrities have turned to the platform to complain of cabin fever. These difficulties are drastically different, and thousands of social media users have pointed out that those who live such privileged lives should stay out of the dialogue. 

One of the largest celebrity-led campaigns to cheer up those in quarantine was Gal Gadot’s compilation of her and numerous other famous faces singing one of John Lennon’s most popular songs, “Imagine.” This rendition of a song about living in a world where everyone is at peace and where there aren’t possessions to vie for seemed to be an unbecoming approach to lightening the mood. 

Many complained about Lennon’s personal life, as he has been accused of physically and emotionally abusing his family members, according to, on top of the fact that those who sang the song are some of the people who own the most possessions on this earth. The intention behind sharing the song was good, but there are some occasions about whether privilege should be recognized and used in a more effective way. 

Some Twitter users have encouraged celebrities to share the ways they have donated money to help those suffering during the pandemic rather than sharing videos of themselves lounging about their million-dollar homes, as reported by the Guardian. On the bright side, many celebrities have used their spotlight in great ways. A few of these wonderful acts detailed by Billboard include Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson bringing tacos to those detained at a hospital, while Shawn Mendes’ foundation raised almost $200,000 to donate to hospitals in Toronto.

Overall, social media users have concluded that it’s fair for everyone to be bored as they’re cooped up at home, but many feel that publicly complaining about it isn’t appropriate when in an advantageous position. Rather, they should be posting about ways in which they have become involved in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everybody is bored at home, but if people can continue to quarantine themselves, then they’re doing a great service to their communities, and hopefully, the virus will diminish quicker than if people continue to go out.

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