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By working online, students can save up for next semester as well as develop skills needing for remote work in the future.

As the coronavirus continues to alter the way many businesses and establishments are reopening, many students have seen their summer jobs disappear. Several students rely on academic breaks such as summer vacation to earn the money they use while on campus. As nobody is certain when social activity will be able to resume as normal, many are turning to the internet to make money.

This remote form of work has been around for years but is unsurprisingly on the rise now that such a large number of students are back home and possess more free time than ever. Online sources of revenue are endless and span many fields of interest. So, while jobs are being created and circulated during this pandemic, now is a better time than ever to jump into remote employment.

When looking into getting an online job, one should consider that COVID-19 has marked many shifts in the workforce. College graduates of the class of 2020 have seen their future jobs revoked amid travel bans, stay at home orders and loss of revenue. According to CNN, the unemployment rate for those between the ages of 20 and 24 has risen to 25%. Many companies have encouraged employees to work from home, expecting the same competence as would be displayed in the office. The switch to working remotely that’s occurred in hundreds of companies may be here to stay if it proves successful during COVID-19. 

The decrease in necessary transportation would cut carbon emissions and save gas money while many would be able to take care of kids and family from home while working online. This system could be extremely beneficial for a huge percent of the American workforce. 

One of the more popular routes to take when it comes to online work is participating in surveys. Sites such as offer up to $2.50 per survey completed and send the user his or her profits through PayPal for every ten dollars earned. These surveys usually don’t require much brain power, thus, many respondents enjoy streaming television or movies on one half of the screen while taking surveys at their leisure on the other side. This is a great way to make a little extra cash on one’s own time.

Surveys remain a staple of analyzing what consumers like seeing in the moment as well as what they desire to see in the future. This is an important way for companies to see what they’re doing right and what they can improve on, so surveys will always be available to take no matter the time of year or circumstance.

Others may prefer to use their strengths to work in areas that they’re genuinely interested in. For example, some may enjoy selling old or upcycled clothing through websites such as Poshmark, Etsy or eBay, where one can set the prices of items, while others may enjoy teaching those abroad conversational English at sites such as SameSpeak, which pays $10 over PayPal for every 30 minutes of coaching

Some students prefer to make money electronically while getting out of the house. These students should look into babysitting gigs around the neighborhood on sites like as many essential workers are still in need of nannies. For those who enjoy driving around town, working for food delivery services like DoorDash may be the best route. 

No matter the job one picks now is an opportune time to pull ahead on finances, and working remotely makes the task that much easier. Students should consider getting their feet in the door now so they can become accustomed to online employment in case that ends up being of use to them in future career endeavors. Plus, the funds one earns now can last well into the next semester of school, and who doesn’t love having a little extra rainy day cash?

Liz Riccio is a sophomore media arts and design major. Contact Liz at