Thank you 6th District!

I’d like to send a giant, heartfelt thank you to the Sixth District, all of our supporters, volunteers and staff. We ran a positive, grassroots campaign that advocated for healthcare for everyone, fully funding public education, protecting our environment and getting our workers a living wage. We fought against lies, ignorance and racism. Though we’re disappointed by the election results, that isn’t going to stop us or our vision.

I want to assure all the folks of the district that when your Congressman votes to take away your healthcare, we will be there advocating that healthcare is a right and to protect people with pre-existing conditions. When your Congressman votes to cut your Social Security, we will be there insisting that there are no cuts to these critical programs. When your Congressman votes to weaken and destroy unions, we will stand with you in your right to organize and to demand fair wages and safe working conditions.

When your Congressman uses hate and fear to divide us, we will be there to prove that civility and honesty are the true values of our district. When your Congressman continues to accept campaign contributions from the NRA, Verizon and Dominion, while turning a blind eye to sensible gun reform, net neutrality and the abuse of eminent domain, we will be there to advocate for getting money out of politics and restoring power to the people.

We again want to thank everyone — the support, the enthusiasm, and the love was motivating and inspiring. Thank you! Stay active, engaged and informed!

Jennifer Lewis is a 2018 Congressional Candidate. Contact Jennifer at