People need to know who they're voting for and cast their votes carefully.

In the past, the Harrisonburg GOP has supported so-called “independent” candidates for Harrisonburg City Council because our community is too progressive and diverse for the party of Donald Trump.

George Hirschmann, for example, runs as an Independent, but his record and his own words speak to the contrary.

Hirschmann’s performative activism was on display after attending a JMU NAACP rally against police brutality, when he was seen in August at a “Blue Lives Matter” rally flanked by Sen. Mark Obenshain, who helped kill the End Qualified Immunity bill in the State Senate, and Del. Tony Wilt. Both GOP politicians have either endorsed or donated to Hischmann, as have the Harrisonburg and Rockingham GOP Committees. He also showed up to a Corey Stewart for Senate event in 2018 well before the GOP primary that year.

Perhaps more concerning are the views of Kathleen Kelley, the GOP nominee for council. On her personal Facebook page, she shares many QAnon conspiracy theory views. For those unfamiliar, QAnon is a far-right, antisemetic conspiracy theory that alleges that prominent politicians, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are members of a global sex trafficking cabal.

All of this shows that Hirschmann and Kelley are dangerous, unpredictable assets of the far-right. This election cycle, we urge students NOT to vote for candidates who refuse to reveal their true intentions, but instead vote for candidates like Mayor Deanna Reed, Laura Dent, and Charles Hendricks, who are pillars of the community and deserve your vote November 3rd.