darts and pats.jpg

A quick, enthusiastic “you’re-insane” dart to the mans who thinks it’s OK to zoom across three lanes of traffic on Port Republic on a Bird scooter. 

From someone who doesn’t feel like hitting a guy with my car. 


A big, purple “thank-you!” pat to the young man who was a student worker on the 6th floor of the College of Business today for insisting on carrying heavy boxes for me. 

From a very grateful mail carrier! 


A “thank-you-ma’am” pat to the skunk in Pheasant that let me and my roommate pass by and capture it on Snapchat without spraying us. 

From a girl who didn’t have to bathe in tomato sauce. 


A “you-saved-my-life” pat to the stranger on the Quad who helped me carry my things while I limped to my car after injuring my knee. 

From a girl who’s thankful for good people in the world.