A “God-help-me” dart to my the roommates who keep me up all night every night.  

From the always-exhausted roommate who’s tired of listening to loud snores and blaring rap music. 


An “A-little-warning-would’ve-been-nice” dart to my roommate whose mom stayed the weekend at our apartment. 

From someone who would’ve liked to prepare for that. 


A “vegan-for-life!” pat to The Breeze which inspired me to finally go vegan. 

From a guy who only misses dairy a little bit. 


An “I-miss-you” dart to my friend who didn’t return to JMU this year. 

From a girl who misses seeing her best friend every day.


An “I-played-myself” dart to the fact that I drove to UREC without my JAC for the second time.  

From a senior who’s already used two free swipe-ins.