A "sincere-thank-you" pat to the man at Carrier who helped me find my wallet after the library closed. 

From the guy who lost his wallet at the printer station and just wanted to go home.

A "please-don't-bite-me" dart to the bat inside my residence hall. 

From a freshman who couldn't sleep the night before classes due to an unwanted, flying hallmate.

An "I-appreciate-your-support" pat to the girls who helped tape my board down during Student Org Night when it was being blown off the table. 

From a club president who was suffering through the heat.

A "thanks-for-the-headache" dart to the horrendous crowds pushing each other through to get into an ICS bus.

From a student who just wants to get to class on time.

A "sisterly-love" pat to my sorority sister for buying me ice cream when I was crying after class today.

From a girl who is having a rough start to the semester.

A "do-not-talk-to-me" dart to the kid in my Econ class who keeps trying to steal my homework answers.

From an irritated COB student.