darts and pats.jpg

A “you’re-a-lifesaver” pat to the guy who was handing out Cheetos at Carrier last Thursday. 

From a girl who got through the rest of her essay thanks to that cheesy burst of energy. 


A “you-know-how-this-goes” dart to people who try to get on the ICS bus before anyone gets off. 

From a frequent ICS passenger who’s tired of seemingly nobody understanding basic bus etiquette. Yes, I’m talking about you.


A “score-updates-just-aren’t-the-same” dart to JMU Athletics for only showing JMU football games on a paid digital platform. 

From a nostalgic alumna living abroad who misses watching her Dukes play. 


A dart to the Hall of President’s bathrooms for being inaccessible to our wheelchair-using guest. 

From a student who thinks soap and towels should be accessible to all.