A “thanks-a-lot” dart to the person sitting in air conditioning that made the discussion to not allow housekeepers to wear capris anymore. From so ‘ HOT’ housekeepers. 

An “are-you-kidding-me” dart to D-Hall for having salsa but no tortilla chips. Yes we can put salsa on tacos but it’s not the same. 

From a disappointed student who loves her chips AND salsa. 

A “let’s-celebrate-championships-not-first-downs” dart to members of our awesome football team who don’t represent our school well by showboating after making a first down.

 From a proud alum and season ticket holder who is over the showboating. 

A “give-me-a-break” dart to JMU since I spent almost $300 on a parking pass and $1400 on a meal plan to never be able to use all my punches because there isn’t enough parking anywhere on campus.

From a student who’s spending enough as it is and is hungry.

An “I’m-ashamed” dart to the Student Body President for not standing on principles that James Madison himself would have stood on.

From an alumnus who will be submitting my dog as ”homecoming royalty” nonesense. 

A “big” pat to FM for changing your mind about the capris for housekeepers while we were home trying to find long pants for the next day.

From the housekeepers.