A "welcome-October" pat to the fall season for officially coming in.

From an autumn-loving person who adores everything fall-related and can't wait to wear sweaters every day.

A "you're-doing-amazing-bff" pat to my best friend who is rising up from experiencing one of the toughest months of her life. 

From a girl who wants things to go swell for her best friend.

A "hold-up-we're-part-of-VA-too" dart to JMU athletics for failing to include the Eastern Shore on JMU's football uninspired helmets this past Saturday in Richmond. 

From a dedicated Dukes fan who wants to know how this helmet was approved after the error was pointed out multiple times.

A "can't-you-be-considerate?" dart to the students who left their phones on during the movies at the Latino Film Festival.

From a former teacher who thought JMU students would be more respectful.