An “I-love-you” pat to my mom for FaceTiming me and comforting me after I died from midterms this week. 

From a student who can’t wait for this week to be over — who’s with me? 

A “why-is-it-so-cold?” dart to the weather for suddenly becoming so bipolar. 

From a girl who gets super cold and doesn’t appreciate the below-60-degrees weather.

A “kinda-wish-they-would-use-the-right projector-and-screen” dart to Grafton-Stovall  Theatre because the image is about five feet off both sides of the screen and IT REALLY BOTHERS ME! 

From an expert moviegoer who appreciates quality theater setups.

A “that’s-rude” dart to the girls who LITERALLY SPRINTED passed me and grabbed the table in Carrier I was six feet away from. Think of others. 

From someone who just wants people to be nice.