A “you-go-girl” pat to my BFF for slaying it with her amazing singing at the Korean Student Association’s culture show this past weekend. 

From a proud friend who appreciates true talent.

A “tone-it-down-please” dart to the Rose Library Innovation Services employees whose loud conversations can easily be heard by everyone on the first floor of the library.

From someone just trying to get some work done with a bit of peace and quiet. 

A “please-be-polite” dart to the students who were on their cellphones while an excellent keynote speaker gave his presentation.

 From a VERY disappointed professor.

A “why-does-it-have-to-be-winter-in-fall” dart to seeing my breath in the air almost every morning because of the freezing weather.

From a summer person who’s wondering where the heck the warm weather went off to. 

A “big-oof” dart to my professor who literally assigned a new project while we were still on a major project. The entire class was stressed out — it was not gucci.

From a student (and probably entire class) who highkey wanted to cry in class this week.