A “thanks-for-the-Friday-entertainment” pat to the guy rapping Slim Shady to his friend in the SSC Dunkin’ line.

From the guy you bumped into, who couldn’t help overhearing and enjoyed the throwback. 

An “Annie-Leibowitz-has-nothing-on-you” pat to the thoughtful young woman who took time out of her Thursday to take a couple photos of an alumnus and his 3-year-old son at the Duke Dog statue. My son has agreed to offer up his Duke Dog statue photography skills to anyone who looks like they may need them.

From an alumnus who can’t believe the old D-Hall is really gone. What’s next? 

A “bless-you-wonderful-people” pat to the Office of the Registrar who came through for me when I couldn’t enroll in a class because MyMadison was having a brain fart.

From a student who is now happily enrolled and can call my mom to say that I will still graduate on time. 

A “you’re-the-best” pat to the young lady who paid it forward for the JMU employee/veteran who was behind her in the Dunkin’ Donuts line today!

From a person who loves to see people do nice things for one another.