A “how-does-your-website-not-talk-about-jobs?” dart to the JMU Alumni Association. 

From a grad who is two years out and apparently only good for soliciting donations. You help me, and I’ll help you.

A “thanks-a-lot” dart to JMU for their indecisive closing on Nov. 15. My students had one class to attend at 4:30 that day. Instead of being able to leave ahead of the storm, they had to leave later than planned for break.

From a professor who would’ve been here anyway, but wants the travel well-being of her students considered.

A “how-do-you-NOT-have-a-resume-bank?” dart to the JMU Alumni Association.

From a 2008 JMU grad who’s DYING to hire junior alums looking for a great career start, but has no good way to reach them. 

An “are-you-kidding-me?” dart to my roommate who took and ate the snacks I just brought home from break. Way to be considerate on the first day back.

From a girl who likes her snacks from home, and sadly can’t get them in Harrisonburg.