A “WTF-cold-weather” dart to the 20-30 degree weather that suddenly showed up this week. Happy spring, I guess. 

From a girl awaiting true spring weather.

A “big-thank-you” pat to Wendy at Dunkin’ for knowing my order.

From an over-caffeinated college student who appreciates when my order is memorized. 

A “we’re-almost-there” pat to the home stretch of the school year. It’s almost over. We’re almost done. Let’s do this, fam.

From someone who’s graduating in the spring and can’t wait to get the heck out of here. 

A “why-you-gotta-do-this” dart to the policeman who gave me a ticket for live parking in the loop in front of Converse Hall.  

From a guy who was simply waiting to pick up his friend.