A “don’t-make-sexist-assumptions” dart to The Breeze Darts & Pats editor. 

From a reader who’s annoyed that you assume that all ICS bus drivers are men. 

A “you-are-actually-completely-wrong” dart to the person complaining about bicycles on sidewalks from last week’s Breeze. 

From someone who knows it’s actually legal to ride your bicycle on campus sidewalks and does so frequently to avoid getting hit by a car.  

A “you’re-great” pat to a wonderful boyfriend on his birthday.

From a girl who hopes this brightens up your day.  

A “right-in-the-feels” pat to The Breeze for reminding me about Darts & Pats. 

From an alum and former Breeze photographer who loves reminiscing about how awesome JMU was and still is.

A “why-so-stingy?” dart to Etc. at P.C. Dukes for way under-filling the pasta container. 

From someone who likes to get what they pay for. 

A “Samuel-L.-Jackson” dart to the people who can’t be bothered to clean snow off their vehicles.

From someone who hates almost getting hit by people too lazy to clean the snow off their cars.