darts and pats.jpg

A “way-to-be-a-leader” pat to Virginia Tech, U. Va., William & Mary and EMU for their efforts in the arenas of sustainability and environmentalism. 

From a JMU alum who is truly embarrassed and ashamed that her Alma mater is neither a leader NOR even a FOLLOWER in this 50th anniversary year of Earth Day. 


A “perfect!” pat to JMU Vending for stocking the 35 and 50 cent food offerings in the Zane Showker vending machines. 

From a grateful staffer who still likes to use nickels and dimes.


A “can-you-not” dart to the stupid amount of homework I have after just the first two days.  

From someone who’s decidely unprepared for this semester if this continues. 


A “thank-you” pat to the recent retirees Rick Dean, Bonnie Barr and Donna Fink for their years of service to JMU. 

From someone who appreciates them keeping the Housekeeping Department going.