A “falling-on-my-face” dart to those in charge of salting JMU’s sidewalks.

From a student who had to walk on the main road and nearly got hit by a bus instead.

A “gentle-reminder” dart to the two girls on my hall who slam their door at ungodly hours of the night. 

From a sleep-deprived freshman with endless 8 a.m.’s. Other people live here too, you know.

A “my-eyes!” dart to the crazy number of readings I have to do for the first two weeks of school. My eyes are strained and I’m wondering if this is a normal amount of work at this point. 

From a girl who recently changed majors and is now reconsidering ... again.  

An “oh-my-goodness-I-love-you” pat to the friend I made in class who invited me to get coffee with her this week.

From an introvert who’s never made a friend in a class until this semester. I know, it’s sad.