A “thanks for being there” dart when I was looking for friends and ended up finding a home at the Catholic Campus Ministry.

From a sophomore who was previously looking for friends in the wrong places.

An “I-guess-I’m-not-worthy” dart to my fellow students who feel they need more than one table in the study rooms at Rose from another student who was stuck on the floor during exams.

From a professor who can’t tolerate inconsideration. 

An “I’m-super-broke” dart to the ridiculous amount of textbooks I need to purchase for classes this semester. 

From a poor student who always faces extreme levels of anxiety when the time to purchase new books comes around.

A “let’s-get-litty” pat to the best week of the school year: syllabus week. 

From a girl who’s been waiting for this week for the entirety of Fall semester. It’s finally here again. Who doesn’t love a stress-free week?