A “how-distasteful” dart to The Breeze for printing the LUST advertisement in our school paper. This establishment is over two hours away anyway. 

From a professor who’s not a big fan of this new ad.

A “be-respectful-of-reserved-parking” dart to students who use them for waiting for others, picking up others or because they’re temporarily empty.

From someone who reiterates that reserved parking for specific state vehicles are for those vehicles only.

A “please-follow-your-published-MLK-Day-schedule” dart to City Transit.  

From a rider who appreciated the MLK Day services but suggests adjusting the schedule in the future to account for driver breaks. 

A “nice-idea-but-it-doesn’t-work” dart to JMU Transportation for a highly inaccurate electronic bus schedule in the Memorial Hall lobby.

From a bus user who finds the provided information good for a daily chuckle and nothing more.