An “are-you-kidding” dart to myself for picking a major that makes me take 22 credits. Yeah, you read that right. 22.

From a freshman who really loves music but hates all the work it takes.

A “thanks-for-nothing” dart to PC Dukes for putting 15 jalapenos on my quesadilla when I asked for a few.

From a freshman who contemplated calling fire and rescue to put out her mouth.

A “thanks-so-much-JMU” dart to UREC for making part-time students with under seven credits pay for a membership. #IStillPayTuitionToo

From a broke college student who’s trying to stay fit.

A “this-is-amazing” pat to the weather  for being so nice this week.

From a student who’s scared for it to get cold  out again.

A “thank-you-so-much” pat to housekeepers and the fire marshal team for keeping our campus beautiful.

From a student who loves their school.

A “that-just-made-my-day” pat to my screensaver for making me happy every time I look at my computer.

From a student who loves her adorable puppy.