An “I’m-trying-to-sleep-dart” dart to the maintenance staff that are blowing leaves off the sidewalk at 8 a.m right under my window. 

From an upperclassman who doesn’t have class until noon and would like to sleep in a little. 

A “thank-you” pat to Alex from the School of Nursing for helping bring lab supplies up to Occupational Therapy! 

From a friend who appreciates your help very much.

A “Help-me-pay-it-forward” dart to the JMU Alumni Association for not picking up the phone when I tried to call to find new JMU grads in need of a job.

From a 2008 grad who committed to helping junior alums more than senior alums helped her. 

A “greendot” dart to the JMU band for sexual derogatory words in their victory song at the football game.

From a person who thinks that JMU’s engagement with ideas and the world is better than that, and there are consequences!