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A “not-ready-to-go-back” dart to professors already sending emails about assignments.

From a student trying to enjoy the last few days of summer.


A “good-on-you” pat to D-Hall for offering a ton of diverse food options.

From a student who’s been waiting for three years.


A “son-of-a-gun” dart to my roommate who forgot to turn on our electricity.

From someone who just wants some air conditioning.


A “thanks-for-feeding-my-caffeine-addiction” pat to my coworker for blessing the office with coffee.

From a student running low on energy.


An “I-can-finally-watch-Game-of-Thrones” pat to my new roommate for blessing my apartment with HBO.

From a student who knows winter is coming.


A “thanks-for-being-a-great-school” pat to JMU for making it so hard to say goodbye.

From a student studying abroad this semester.