A “can-you-not” dart to D-Hall for always having lines at the door.

From a senior who’s waited three years for this dining hall to open.

A “can-you-please-shut-up” dart to my co-workers who won’t stop talking and making weird noises.

From an angry employee who just wants to work in peace.

A “thank-God” pat to myself during spring semester for not scheduling Friday classes in the fall. 

From someone who enjoys long weekends.

A “I-don’t-like-this” dart to being back at school only to get sick in the first week.

From a kid  who wants to feel better.

A “thanks-for-the-screw-up” pat to Amazon for accidentally sending a Tom Brady poster instead of an OBJ poster to an Odell superfan.

From an ‘ecstatic’ New England fan.

A “happy-football-fan” pat to the calendar for it almost being time for JMU football.

From an excited JMU Nation member.