A "love-your-always-interesting-and-varied-content" pat to The Breeze writers, editors and photographers.

From a faithful reader who nevertheless is still waiting for a story on the new campus road and the changes it will bring.

A great big "thank-you" pat to ASA and Zeta on Greek Row for helping out your housekeepers by cleaning up after Greek Sing!!! #yougirlsrock

From someone who appreciates it.

A "chivalry-isn't-dead-and-it's-a-beautiful-thing" pat to the young man who carried a large package for me from Grace St. parking deck to Madison Union.

From a very appreciative postal employee.

An "I-see-what-you-did-there" pat to Duke Dog for lounging out on the steps of Wilson Hall on Google Street View.

From an alumnus who took a virtual tour of the campus for old time's sake and was happy to see a familiar face.