Monday’s article “JMU loses four Dukes” was incredibly sad to read and hit close to home. On July 29, Lanie Kruszewski was the victim of a fatal hit-and-run in Richmond. She graduated magna cum laude from JMU in May 2011. 

Lanie and I met during our freshman year when we were put in the same lane for the swimming portion of our GKIN class. Over the next three years, we became great friends, roommates, and, always at Lanie’s request, went on countless adventures together with our other friends. 

I don’t know if I or the other people who knew her will ever meet a more genuinely awesome person. She was an extremely hard worker, but was always ready to have fun. She helped anyone who needed it, including complete strangers. She was a talented chef and a fantastic athlete (running 8-10 miles didn’t faze her). 

But most of all, she was an uncannily thoughtful person who was always looking out for the people in her life. The summer after our freshman year, I broke my ankle when I was on vacation and had to be in a wheelchair for a month. About two weeks after it happened, Lanie came up to Charlottesville to visit me and our other friends in the area. When she heard I had been stuck inside since it happened, she immediately wheeled me (successfully) down the steps on my front deck and proceeded to push me around my neighborhood for an hour. She was just that kind of person.