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Great value? The risks of cryptocurrency investment

When a Monday hoax announced that Walmart would accept Litecoin, many jumped to purchase the cryptocurrency. But, while newsworthy, this case isn't an uncommon scam. If anything, it serves to demonstrate a rather common issue. Read more


Money matters: budgeting tips for college students

As students navigate the struggles of college life, personal finance doesn't always get much attention. Yet, lack of awareness could build poor habits and limit future choices when it comes to spending. Here's how to fix that. Read more


Hurricanes cost billions, cybersecurity earns billions

Last week, the U.S. had its billion dollar infrastructure tested as Hurricane Ida past through the South. Meanwhile, cybersecurity can expect to gain more funding, following last months' cyber attacks, such as the Colonial Pipeline. Read more


Money to burn: how U.S. spending in Afghanistan did little

The withdrawal of U.S. troops out of Afghanistan this past year could’ve marked the end of a productive era. Instead, with thousands dead, trillions spent and even more lives overturned, the fall of Afghanistan shows one thing: Military spending doesn’t always equate progress. Read more


How social responsibility is becoming a focus for investors

Discussions of sustainable and ethical business practices aren’t just talking points for business boardrooms but now a focus for investors. How is environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing affecting markets? Read more

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