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Compound Interest, ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’

Albert Einstein once described compound interest as the “eighth wonder of the world,” saying, “he who understands it, earns it; he who does… Read more


Are we in for a supercycle? Opinions differ as prices rise

Mounting prices have bolstered theories of an upcoming commodity supercycle. However, not everyone's convinced. Read more


Stimulus drives spending up, Cali gives investors confidence

Last month's stimulus plan has sent the U.S. spending rate upwards, boosting prospects for a profitable summer. Meanwhile, California announced plans to reopen as the housing market saw growth. Read more


‘Land swap’: JMU trades land for historic Canterbury house

The Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry house, on the corner of E. Grace Street and S. Main Street, was acquired by JMU by trading property last November. The ministry is using its new lot to construct another house and is nearing completion. Read more


Vaccines inject optimism, Tesla fuels crypto surge

U.S. markets saw growth in March, aided by a strong stimulus plan and increasing vaccination rates. Madison Business Review's Bryce Roth looks at what changed – and what didn't – over the past month. Read more

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