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Netflix nails earnings, stocks climb as Biden takes office

Netflix surprised Wall Street this week while President Joe Biden peacefully took office, which added up to a winning week for stocks. The Madison Business Review's Bryce Roth examines what happened in markets this week. Read more


Moderna, Pfizer’s vaccines are stronger than their stocks

Moderna and Pfizer appear to have promising COVID-19 vaccines, but will that momentum translate to those companies' bottom lines and stock prices? Madison Business Review contributor Will PerDieu considers whether the two pharmaceutical companies are enticing investments. Read more


Tech giants face bipartisan attacks for opposite reasons

Democrats and Republicans have found common ground on one issue, though for starkly different reasons: Big Tech may be too big and powerful. Despite bipartisan criticism, is it time to buy the dips in shares of Facebook and Twitter, or will these social media companies keep trending downward? Here’s a look at how each company will fare going forward.

  Read more


Big tech pressure overshadows Biden’s massive stimulus plan

President-elect Joe Biden's planned $1.9 trillion stimulus plan encouraged investors but wasn't enough to lift a market weighed down by backlash tech giants are receiving. The Madison Business Review's Bryce Roth breaks that down and recaps the week in markets. Read more


Ready Player One? Virtual reality growing past the pandemic

Virtual reality and similar technologies have provided a getaway from a world affected by the pandemic and social unrest. Industry experts and a JMU grad explain what’s behind the industry’s growth and what’s next for the rapidly growing technology. Read more

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