The health center will determine who receives rapid testing based on a variety of factors

In an email sent out to the JMU community, the university announced that its health center will conduct rapid COVID-19 testing moving forward. 

“While rapid testing is an important diagnostic tool, it is not the most appropriate option for every situation,” the email said. 

Additionally, UHC medical staff will be the ones to determine which COVID-19 test is the most appropriate “based upon a variety of factors.” These factors include the type of symptoms as well as the severity of the illness. The number of testing resources available will also be a determinant in who receives rapid tests. 

As of Sept. 29, the health center is also offering COVID-19 tests for those who are asymptomatic. 

“The UHC is now providing asymptomatic testing though priority will be given to students, faculty and staff who have symptoms or have had direct, close contact with someone who tested positive,” the UHC news page said.

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