Wilson Hall

The Student Government Association held elections for four different positions for the 2018-19 term. 

The JMU Student Government Association held its election for the 2018-19 term Wednesday. According to Nicholas Williamson, the 2018 elections commissioner, the presidential election results were appealed.

This appeal has prevented the SGA from disclosing information on who won the presidential position. According to Williamson, it will be announced Thursday by 7:00 p.m. However, Williamson has disclosed other position results.

Ben Rosenberger was elected the 2018-19 vice president, with 1,039 votes, or 64.01 percent. He was opposed by John Maiorana, who received 465 votes — 28.65 percent. There were also 119 write-ins, which made up 7.33 percent of the vote.

Cayhan Movaghari was elected executive treasurer, with 674 votes, or 41.52 percent. Movaghari was opposed by Gabriela Rudnick, who received 517 votes, making up 31.85 percent of the vote and Brian McGee, who received 353 votes — 21.74 percent. There were 79 write-ins, which made up 4.86 percent.

Desiree Edemba was elected the student representative to the board of visitors with 631 votes, or 38.87 percent. Edemba was opposed by Halle Duenkell who received 460 votes (28.34 percent), Carter Bowman with 256 votes, or 15.77 percent and Sanjida Alika, with 208 votes — 12.81 percent. There were also 68 write-ins, which made up 4.18 percent of the vote.

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