VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Training magazine, a leading publication for workforce development programs, has recognized LifeNet Health among its "Top 125 for 2020." This award, given annually for the last 20 years, is among the most notable awards for professional learning and workforce development programs. This distinction places LifeNet Health as one of the leading training organizations in the world. Past recipients include CVS, Best Buy, Anthem, Dollar General and Walmart.

"This recognition reflects the dedication of leaders and staff throughout LifeNet Health who foster a culture of continuous learning," said LifeNet Health President and CEO Rony Thomas. "Constant improvement and professional growth are vital aspects of our commitment to excellence."

The rigorous evaluation for "Top 125" recognition focuses on how organizations utilize training as a tool to accomplish critical objectives. Judging criteria include review of training staff, materials, and orientation programs — as well as the organizational impact and quantitative measurement of training outcomes. Organizations are also evaluated on the allocation of human and financial resources dedicated to staff development programs. Award selection is measured and judged by an outside research company and by the Top 10 Hall of Famers — organizations that have appeared in the Top 10 for four consecutive years.

"Our goal is to create an environment where each individual can grow throughout their career," said LifeNet Health Vice President of Human Resources Craig Vick. "Our innovative training programs are designed to support the organization as we grow – and also to ensure that each employee feels empowered in their efforts to support our mission."

As one of the largest private employers in Hampton Roads, LifeNet Health's robust training curriculum supports the growth of a skilled biotechnology and biomedical workforce in Virginia.

"Creating a strong workforce is a top priority for Virginia to grow its business community," said Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Brian Ball. "We applaud LifeNet Health for this important recognition, and we are excited about the continued work of the company to build an impressive team of employees." 

LifeNet Health will be honored alongside other "Top 125 for 2020" award winners at a formal recognition ceremony to take place at the annual Training Magazine Symposium Gala in February in Orlando, Fla.

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