WARRENTON, Va., Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Appy Pie has introduced the perfect chatbot builder for banks to help them improve their support services and connect with the customers in a better way. Appy Pie's chatbot builder allows users to create chatbots that don't need any coding. They work continuously and remain available for their users round the clock. Appy Pie's Chatbot Builder lets you build chatbots without coding, with various effective features including customized chats and designs, live agent transfer, appointment booking system and many more.

Appy Pie's chatbot builder creates chatbots that communicate with the customers quite like a live person and lets them know how important they are to the business. It initiates chats with the users and transfers them to live agents for further assistance. Chatbots are well-programmed virtual assistants that connect to the users as soon as they visit the website and help them with what they are looking for. Users can check basic details such as the nearest ATM, available offers, etc., by using a chatbot on a bank website. Using Appy Pie chatbot builder, banks can create and add chatbots directly on their landing page or in the form of widgets on the bank website.

"Virtual assistants are particularly helpful for businesses in establishing stable relations with the customers. In this era of artificial intelligence, they are quickly becoming the best solutions to deliver an outstanding customer service. In order to make the banks stay relevant and updated, we have introduced chatbot builders that can help the banks evolve their customer relationships," says Scot Small, CEO Appy Pie. "Using our DIY Appy Pie chatbot builder, banks can easily create their own chatbots and add it to their websites and mobile apps in a matter of minutes and that too without having to write even a single line of code."

With a combined staff of more than 200 people, Appy Pie operates in a wide range of languages including Arabic, French, Portuguese, German and many more, to serve their customers in the best possible manner. The company offers 24X7 dedicated support line to the app makers in all the mentioned languages. It also has a proprietary chatbot builder and website builder to help businesses create their websites and chatbots to reach a wide range of the audience. Additionally, the company owns their own PWA Store – a great platform for downloading PWA apps.

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Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLP, is the unrivaled leader in the no-code applications market. Appy Pie helps SMBs, enterprise companies and organizations transform their ideas into reality, without any technical or coding knowledge. With products like our App Builder, Website Builder, Chatbot Builder, Live Chat and Connect any size business or organization can create, connect, and deploy applications & technologies to change how they fundamentally work and increase productivity with our easy to use no-code business solutions. Appy Pie has headquarters in Warrenton, Virginia and Noida, India. They serve customers in over 150 countries.

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