Election results were announced by SGA on Wednesday night.

Students elected four new leaders within the Student Government Association (SGA) on Tuesday: President Nate Hazen, Vice President Faith Forman, Executive Treasurer Matt Haynicz and Student Representative to the Board of Visitors Abigail Cannella.

Election results were announced Wednesday evening, with the SGA reporting a total of 1,894 students voted on Tuesday — a 47% increase from last year.

Nate Hazen, a junior, defeated Alexis Alston and Brielle Lacroix. Hazen won with 47.9% of 1,763 votes cast for the position, while Alston earned 25% and Lacroix earned 24.8%. Thirty-seven students voted for write-in candidates.

Faith Forman ran unopposed for student body vice president. A total of 1,561 students voted in the race, with 96% voting for Forman and the remaining 61 students voting for write-in candidates.


Matt Haynicz was elected as the 2023-24 executive treasurer.

Matt Haynicz ran unopposed for executive treasurer, earning 96.6% of the 1,532 votes cast for the position. The remaining 51 students voted for write-in candidates.

Abigail Cannella was elected as student representative to the Board of Visitors (SRBoV), defeating Parker Boggs, Lise Briggs and Kathryn Manico. Cannella won with 34.7% of the 1,549 student votes for the position, while 24.8% voted for Boggs, 16.3% voted for Briggs and 22.2% voted for Manico. A total of 27 students voted for a write-in candidate.

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