Brophy (left) and Beasley were roommates and best friends for 10 years.

Following the death of Maylea Beasley, a JMU freshman who was killed in a motorcycle crash at 12:23 a.m. on Nov. 14, a memorial service was held to honor her life Thursday night on the Quad. 

While dozens of masked community members gathered in a circle surrounding a picture of Maylea and a heart arranged out of candles, Morgan Harwood spoke on behalf of Beasley’s family and her best friend and roommate Samantha Brophy. 

“They would like it to be known that they appreciate all the love and support that everyone has given in honor of Maylea’s life,” Harwood said. “It has really helped them knowing that so many of us are here today coming together to celebrate this sweet girl's life.”

Though Harwood said she didn’t get the chance to personally know Beasley, she still shared kind words on the impression Beasley left her. 

“I never had the chance to know Maylea personally but I have heard so many beautiful things about her,” Harwood said. “Watching videos of her and her best friend Sam dancing to TikToks or just being goofy, you can tell that her energy was contagious as was her smile.”

Harwood went on to share Brophy’s words about Beasley and their 10 years of friendship. 

“Maylea is my best friend, my person, my whole heart for 10 years,” Harwood said on Brophy’s behalf. “Watching your best friend die in front of you is something I wish on no one — this doesn’t feel real. May is absolutely the most incredible person I’ve ever met. I miss her laugh, I miss falling asleep next to her at night. I miss her awful dances. I miss randomly singing the national anthem with her. I miss eating every meal together. I miss everything about her.”

Brophy also included in her message to “please show support” for Beasley and her family by wearing purple Friday. She also said there’s a GoFundMe link in her Instagram bio that’s raised $18,537 as of Friday night that’ll go toward the Girl Scout troop Beasley was a part of and will be used by her high school volleyball team to start a scholarship in her name. 

Brophy’s message also urged the JMU community to stop by and pay their respects at the small memorial where Beasley died on South Main Street. 

“She has shown me what unconditional love is since I met her in the third grade,” Harwood said on Brophy’s behalf. “Thank you for being my person May. I wish everyone had the chance to meet such an amazing person.”

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