Six JMUPD officers responded to the scene Wednesday night. 

A report was made Wednesday at 10:27 p.m. of a suspicious individual with a weapon in the Grace Street Apartments. Six JMUPD officers responded immediately, and the situation was determined to be safe at 12:41 a.m. Bill Wyatt, university spokesman, said. 

According to a statement from JMU’s Office of Residence Life, which was sent to all Grace Street Apartment residents, the individual was a Culpeper Sheriff’s Deputy who “entered the Grace Street Apartment building as a guest of a resident of the building.” Wyatt said the individual was in a “soft uniform” at the time. The uniform was described to be a light gray short-sleeve shirt, tan pants and black boots. 

“From far away down the hall where [you] can’t see the front of his shirt, it could very well look like somebody’s just walking with a gun on his side, but he was actually considered in uniform by the Culpeper Sheriff’s Department,” Wyatt said. 

Wyatt said that all law enforcement officers are allowed to carry weapons on university property, but the deputy wasn’t armed when JMUPD made contact with him. 

JMU has reached out to the Culpeper Sheriff’s Office to clarify expectations regarding uniform standards when officers enter a JMU facility so that situations like this can be avoided in the future.

The Breeze has made an attempt to speak with the Culpeper Sheriff’s Office and is waiting on a response. Updates will be posted as information arises. 

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