COPY for hypnotist staff report

At least 11 individuals experienced negative reactions to the show.

JMU has decided to withhold a $2,350 payment to hypnotist Jon Wayes following his show at 1787 August Orientation Saturday evening, according to Bill Wyatt, university spokesman.

Vice President of Student Affairs Tim Miller, who arrived at the Convocation Center shortly after chaos ensued, said at least 11 individuals experienced negative reactions to the show, either from hypnosis or as a result of seeing distressed peers.

“While the vast majority of students were fine, there were some who had a difficult time coming out of the hypnosis, and we worked with each of them to ensure their safety through the support of their FROGs, RAs and OPAs,” Miller said in a statement.

As a result of the poor reception, Miller said JMU will not be hiring Wayes for future performances. 

JMU Orientation declined to comment, and Wayes didn’t respond to The Breeze’s request to comment. 

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