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Students who haven't submitted either proof of vaccination or an Assumption of Risk waiver will be dropped from their classes Sept. 17.

An internal communication sent to JMU’s academic unit heads from Provost Heather Coltman’s office Aug. 31 and obtained by The Breeze says students who haven’t submitted their proof of vaccination or filled out an exemption or ”Assumption of Risk” form by Sept. 17 will be “dropped from their classes.”

This move comes after several strategies by the university to encourage students to get vaccinated. These include requiring weekly testing for those without paperwork or who signed the “Assumption of Risk” form and deactivating JACards of students who hadn’t submitted paperwork by the start of the semester. 

The date, Sept. 17, comes after both the add/drop deadline for class registration (Sept. 3) and the deadline for withdrawal with tuition charge cancellation and refunds (Sept. 14).

A plan to drop students also follows the University of Virginia, which disenrolled over 200 students ahead of the fall semester for not submitting proof of vaccination. 

As of Sept. 9, no total vaccine mandate — in essence, removing the option to sign an “Assumption of Risk” form — has been announced by JMU leadership. 

In an email to The Breeze, spokesperson and Director of Communications Mary-Hope Vass — citing a “progressive discipline process” for students who haven’t submitted vaccination records or aren’t complying with the required testing regimen — confirmed that students who haven’t reported their vaccine status will be dropped from classes:

“Students who have failed to report their vaccination status … had their JACard deactivated,” Vass said. “The next step is to be dropped from their classes.”

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