JMU students now have the option to take their classes on a pass/fail basis. This decision comes after all courses were moved online due to COVID-19.

On March 24, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Heather Coltman sent out an email announcing JMU will offer a credit/no credit grading option for spring semester classes. The decision comes as a result of the university’s transition to online-only learning this semester.

The email described how the new grading system will work regarding classes that students are repeating and classes that require a certain letter grade as a prerequisite or that are counted in a grade average.

The withdrawal deadline, as announced in the email, has been moved to April 24. This gives students a five week period to “acclimate” to online learning and decide if they wish to continue with their courses. Withdrawing from classes, regardless of the amount, won’t lower the cost of tuition. 

The email said summer registration will begin April 6 and fall registration will begin April 13 for students in good academic standing. 

The page also urged students to talk with their academic advisors prior to making the switch to the credit/no credit option to avoid any potential conflicts. If a student chooses to switch a class to this grading system, the switch is irreversible.

According to the webpage, students have until May 18 to decide if they’d like to change the grading style for their classes.

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