The incident occured at 1300 block of Hunterse Road on Sunday night. 

JMU police officers, Harrisonburg police officers and the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office responded to a call Sunday night at the 1300 block of Hunters Road of a reported attempted breaking and entering armed robbery.

According to a WHSV article, the individual who called said they witnessed three or four men carrying rifles and guns enter the apartment building on the ground floor in a “threatening manner.” 

After police came to the scene, they determined that the residents inside the apartment and those who were allegedly breaking and entering were in the same fraternity, according to the WHSV article. The officers ruled this as a “mock invasion” in relation to a hazing event. The weapons being used were airsoft rifles and handguns. 

Lexi Swinimer, assistant director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, said in a statement obtained by The Breeze that the “several males” involved in the incident were trying to prank their fraternity brothers and that this wasn’t a mock home invasion. 

“Their intent was not to mock a home invasion but to continue an ongoing game amongst themselves,” Swinimer said in the statement. 

The statement also said that FSL and the fraternity’s headquarters are conducting an investigationinto the events “that occurred over the weekend involving a fraternity at JMU.” 

Swinimer’s statement didn’t provide the fraternity involved. 

“These incidents are simply not acceptable, and it is my hope that we can all learn from and prevent actions like this from happening again,” Swinimer said.

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