It’s unknown if JMU will receive any funding from the commonwealth for its “Education & General” budget. 

At approximately 9:50 a.m. JMU told faculty members that it's facing a budget shortfall of over $30 million, according to an email sent to JMU faculty. The email said this is a result of students “across all class years” not paying their bills or deferring their enrollment to later semesters. 

The email reads: 

“This year, a record number of students committed to become members of JMU’s first-year class, but to date, hundreds of students, across all class years, have either deferred their admission to a later semester, withdrawn from the university, or not yet paid their bill,” the email said. “This is a trend at universities across the country as students and families reconsider their plans for this school year. As a result of this decreased student enrollment, and the associated loss of tuition and fees as well as housing and dining revenue, the university is facing a budget shortfall of at least $31.4M this academic year.”

The email was signed by President Alger, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Heather Coltman, Vice President for Access and Enrollment Management Donna Harper, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance Charles King, Vice President for University Advancement Nick Langridge and Vice President for Student Affairs Tim Miller.

According to the email, it’s unclear as to how the university will reduce its budget, as it’s unknown if JMU will receive any funding from the commonwealth for its “Education & General” budget. 

Additionally, the effects from variations in enrollment won’t be clear until Oct. 10, the final date for students to withdraw from the university and receive “a prorated refund.”

“Depending on the factors noted above, we may also need to consider additional options to address the budget shortfall, such as temporary salary reductions or limited furloughs for employees whose salaries exceed a certain threshold,” the email said.

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