Wyatt Blevins, the chairman of JMU’s College of Republicans, said they’ll continue to condemn violent behavior.

Following the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, America and nations around the world stopped to look at what the protestors-turned-rioters were doing and what drove them to storm the chambers of our nation’s elected representatives. 

JMU’s College Republicans released a statement Wednesday condemning the behavior of the rioters. 

Wyatt Blevins, the chairman of JMU’s College of Republicans, said they’ll continue to condemn this behavior to show that this isn’t what the Republican Party stands for. 

“Those people are not our party,” Blevins said. “They’re not welcome because anybody that would take such action like that do not represent who we are.” 

Additionally, Blevins said it was important to disapprove of the actions the rioters were taking because his organization expressed disapproval when some of the protests for the Black Lives Matter movement turned into violent behavior and riots. 

“Over the summer, there were the protests and riots in response to the killing of George Floyd,” Blevins said. “We released a statement then, once again, condemning any violent action that was taken — burning down buildings assaulting police officers — we had to hold ourselves to the same standard here.”

Similarly to the College of Republicans, JMU President Alger released a statement Friday condemning the actions of those who stormed the Capitol. 

“James Madison University joins institutions and individuals across the country in condemning the violence in our nation’s capital this week and in renewing the call for all of us to recognize our responsibilities to support and sustain our democracy,” the statement said.

Alger also elaborated on how important higher education is in creating a community that complies with democracy. 

“As we start this new year, let us all reconsider our commitment to civic engagement and to each other in the weeks and months ahead,” Alger said. “Showing renewed care and concern for our fellow citizens through temperance in our speech and in our actions is a most appropriate response to this week’s violence in Washington, D.C.”

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